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330,000 items at your fingertip.

With more than 330,000 items available online and easy, flexible ordering, our e-shop solution is the convenient and time efficient way to secure your parts supply. Parts, maintenance units, plant components and consumables.

The assortment covers the full need of your processing and packaging equipment, and beyond – from Tetra Pak and other suppliers as well. This way you have the parts and maintenance you need provided in a simple way from one supplier.

Who can get access?

As a Tetra Pak customer, you are able to get access to Services e-Business, where you can order everything from parts to packaging material, track and handle your orders, see and handle your parts inventory, and more. Easily manage your business with us in one place and get quick access to what you need on any device.

Based on your company structure as well as daily operations and needs, you can choose the most convenient user profile in the platform. Services e-Business offers three user profile types as View, Quote and Order profiles.

"View " profile - is a type of access where e-Business users can only browse the platform to see the assortment, product prices & specifications, confirm with pictures and check the availability.
"Quote " profile - is a type of access where e-Business users can also place quotations and see placed quotations on top of the "View " features.

"Order " profile - is a type of access where e-Business users can convert quotations to orders within their organization, place direct orders and have access to order status & history on top of the "Quote" profile.

You'll have full access to an ever-growing assortment of over 330,000 products in our range, along with detailed product photos for smooth and easy selection.

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