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Thank you for thinking of Tetra Pak when it comes to innovation. Even though we employ over 1,300 development engineers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the food & beverage industry, we always welcome new ideas and technologies.
As you might expect, we receive many proposals every month. We look for partners who have already patented their ideas, and who ideally have a start-up team behind them with ideas that are above and beyond what is created by Tetra Pak’s seasoned and experienced innovators.
Patenting is important to make sure that your idea is new and has not been already developed by our team of experts, or others in the industry. We also believe that it is important for you to protect your intellectual property. For this reason, we only accept patented and non-confidential proposals.
We have devised the following Submission Policy so that you know what to expect from this process and your ideas can be screened efficiently. By submitting any materials, you confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions of the following Tetra Pak Unsolicited Proposal Submission Policy. This confirmation is essential so that we can receive and review your idea.
Tetra Pak only accepts non-confidential proposals. To protect your intellectual property rights, we recommend that you file a patent application prior to submitting your proposal. For further advice about whether to file a patent application and the fair market value of your invention, please consider contacting a competent patent attorney.
By submitting any materials, you confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions of the following Tetra Pak Unsolicited Proposal Submission Policy. Without such confirmation, we will not be able to receive and review your idea.

Tetra Pak Unsolicited Proposal Submission Policy

It is the policy of Tetra Pak International S.A. (together with its affiliated entities “Tetra Pak”) to accept proposals only on a non-confidential basis and to consider only proposals that are already protected by a patent application. This is necessary to avoid any potential misunderstandings about inventorship and patentability.
By submitting any material (“Proposal”), you as submitter (“You”) accept the following terms:

  1. No Solicitation. You confirm your decision to submit the Proposal and that Tetra Pak has not requested You to submit the Proposal. Tetra Pak is accordingly under no obligation to review the Proposal or to provide any feedback to You.
  2. Identified IPR. You confirm that the Proposal identifies all Your registered intellectual property rights which are pertinent to it (“Identified IPR”) and that the Proposal does not contain any proprietary know-how or trade secrets.
  3. Non- Confidentiality of the Proposal. Tetra Pak does not wish to receive any proposals which are confidential. Therefore, by submitting the Proposal, You acknowledge and agree that Tetra Pak is under no obligation to keep any material submitted by You confidential.
  4. No Partnership or Exclusivity. Your submission of the Proposal does not create a partnership or any fiduciary, exclusive, or other special relationship between You and Tetra Pak. You are free to offer the Proposal to third parties at Your sole discretion.
  5. Submitter’s Warranties. You warrant that You are authorized to submit the Proposal and that Your submission of the Proposal will not violate the rights of any third party or any law.
  6. No License, No Assertion, No Compensation. Tetra Pak acknowledges that You are not granting a license under any Identified IPR to Tetra Pak at this time. Any potential agreement between You and Tetra Pak regarding the Identified IPR, and any potential compensation for such IPR, would be set forth in a future separate written agreement. You agree not to assert any intellectual property rights other than the Identified IPR against Tetra Pak’s use of the Proposal and of any ideas contained therein.
  7. Submitter’s Acknowledgements. You acknowledge and agree that Tetra Pak (a) may already be aware of the Proposal or may have already developed similar ideas; (b) reserves the right to contest the validity, infringement, or enforceability of any IP rights, including Your Identified IPR; (c) except for the Identified IPR, shall have the unrestricted right to use and disclose, without owing any compensation to You, the Proposal; and (d) may create on their own or obtain further ideas and inventions that may be similar or identical to the materials You submit.
  8. Future Submissions. You agree that the terms of this Submission Policy will likewise apply to Your future related submissions whether made using this form or through another channel.

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If you agree with the terms of the above Unsolicited Proposal Submission Policy, please send your patented idea to us by filling out the contact form below, confirming your acceptance, and clicking the send button.

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