Webinar: What's Cooking?

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  • Duration: 30 mins
  • Translation: Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish – select once the webinar starts.


Join us as we simmer an irresistable conversation about the food ecosystem in collaboration with Foodhack:

  • The major shifts that gained traction this year and will continue in 2022
  • Who are the hot commodities within the foodtech scene
  • How to make the most out of the homecooking trend
  • The race to make food shopping embrace sustainable solutions

Why Tetra Pak?

With nearly 70 years of global food knowledge and expertise, Tetra Pak is the perfect partner to support you in achieving sustainability goals and optimising your operations across the entire production. We offer flexible and future-proven solutions to enable new growth opportunities.

As an integrated solutions provider, you can put all your eggs in one basket with Tetra Pak. Our processing and packaging solutions will help you go all the way from product ideation to product launch, enabling you to fast-track food products to market – with the expected food safety standards.




Arman Anaturk,

  Neeraj Berry,
Tet Ventures

Michela Vallalta,
Tetra Pak

  Laura Latišonoka,
Tetra Pak

Arman is the
founder of FoodHack, the
world's largest foodtech community. He writes a weekly newsletter about
foodtech and connects
startups to the capital they need
to grow their business.


Neeraj is an entrepreneur and
investor. He is
now the founder
and General
Partner of
Tet Ventures, a
global foodtech
venture capitalist
firm. Previously cofounded Sprig
(raised $60M,
grew to 1200 employees)
and 12Society.

Michela is
Tetra Pak’s Global
Manager of
Market Research
& Knowledge Management,
based in Modena, Italy. She is
responsible for
using consumer
and market
insights to
anticipate changes and support strategic decision making.

Laura is
Tetra Pak’s
Vice President
for Tetra Recart® Solutions, based
in Sweden.
She has a solid background
in business
and expertise in untapping new opportunities
within the food


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